Offshore Banking & Real Estate Investment


Our offshore services make it possible for individuals and companies to open and operate offshore bank accounts and undertake formation/incorporation of companies in Canada, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Nevis, Panama and US amongst other destinations.

We also offer organizational support, maintenance, administration and accounting services to offshore incorporated companies. All services are provided in cooperation with our qualified professional partners licensed in those jurisdictions.

Our highly professional services are with fast turn-around time, superior customer service and extremely competitive prices.

We strongly believe that knowledgeable clients are able to make right business decisions thus, you can call, email or visit our office during regular business hours to get valuable information regarding;

Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Real estate investment

Offshore Citizenship via investment

We have the competence to provide all the required services while our clients save their valuable business time.

In fact, our clients need not to worry about missing deadlines for filing of required government returns and payment of government fees; we take care of all those issues and much more on their behalf.

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