Nigeria Police Report (Clearance)

Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate

A Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate (also known as: certificate of good conduct) is a document issued at the Nigeria Police Headquarters, by the Nigeria Police Force; detailing statement of criminal history of an individual (recorded) in the Nigeria criminal database.

NOTE: We are not Nigeria Police and does not issue police Clearance Certificate as we are only a professional expediting agency providing efficient support services to our clients.

Please follow the simple steps below to apply:

  1. Download the form here
  2. Complete the form sections mentioned below ONLY;

                           Page    1

  1. Name (full name as on passport)
  2. Address
  3. Tribe
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Year of Birth
  6. Passport photo ***(attached to form) ***
  7. Reason for enquiry
  8. Signature


                            Page    2

  1. Name (full name as on passport)
  2. Race
  3. Make all finger prints in the corresponding boxes.  To view a sample of completed fingerprint page, click here

Scanning: Scan each page separately in PDF format, and a copy of your passport data page then  an email to                                                                                                      

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